Sunday, December 19, 2010

25 huh???

Aku da baca someone's blog yg memang aku follow pun..dia da post 25 things bout herself and she said 'if u read 25 things about me,u urself have 2 write 25 things bout urself' ..actually,dh lama aku baca but i've no idea to write bout's quite hard okay...hahaha..

So,to ASMA:
Oitt Asma Sasabila! why u post 25 facts bout u huh?? karma kn?? so,aku kna buat gak la ni..hahaha..but then,i'll go 4 it!! oh yeah.... :P...let's START...ikimashio (btol ka neyh??)

1) Family including my atok nnek,pkcik mkcik,spupu sepapat and ALSO my neighbour call me iliyana but friend call me izyan or yan..(standard info la kalau starter ean??)

2) I'm now studying in Zagazig,Egypt as a medical student.Thanks to Egypt for accepting me! :)

3) I often call (video call act.) my parents,my adik and my abang in Malaysia.Cannot tahan la weyhh.I miss them very very very much.hehe

4) I can speak English but grammatical error jangan cakaplah.Bersepah.hahaha.So,pardon me if there any grammatical error or broken english bagai.hehe.Kita bukan nak formal pon kan kat sini? To all my english teachers,"i'm on my way to improve my english taw! so,plz don't feel dissapointed with me" :)

5) My additional language are arabic (ammiyah and fushah) and Japanese....BUT.....i juz know simple conversation n simple words jaa..hahaha..xpro g...

6) I really really dislike reading newspaper.haha.pemalas kan?? Don't ever do this at home okeyh!

7) Seven is my feveret number.wwweeee. it's not bcoz of ronaldo or beckham or any other football player naa..i like it bcoz my birthday is in JULY.take note yaa! :D:D

8) Special information for u guys.hehe. I would like to stay until late nite to "STUDY" BUT we need a rest rite? so.i'll ask my fren to wake me up at bla..bla..and one more "BUT",if i start to baring on my lovely SARATOGA (like blanket),i'll not ever ever wake up again on dat nite..haha..ntah pa2 punya promise..

9) I love to eat especially during dis winter.I eat a lot everyday.Hopefully my weight x naik sangat.haha.harapan kah??

10) I likeeeeeee cartoon. Currently addicted to Special A. Terbaeklahh!! =)

11) I like cooking and elebration.haha

12) Smua suka.Xdk yang xsuka ka kn? ermmm..haa..I hate people blame me for what i don't done anything wrong.(bleh ka ayat ceni? bantai ja laah.)

13) current activity: bake a chocolate cake with my housemate! yummy!

14) I will listen to songs if i feel sad,stress or pa2 ja lah..such a relaxing therapy for me.wahaha :P

15) I think,i need more time to mature myself.

16) mak aii.ngantok kot buat ni.haha..cket lg weyh!!

17) I promise to myself not to mengintai my facebook dis week bcoz exam juz around da corner!! da question is, CAN I?? oh yeahh! i'll try..but if u find my name appear in facebook,plz don't laugh okeyh..myb i juz want to take a rest..kuang3..melampau punya alasan..

18) I miss driving damn muchhh.Takot balik Malaysia nnt,kaki dh keras xleh tekan break..hahaha

19) My SPM is not so,dis university's life is such a new life for me to go further.amiin..

20) I hope,one day i'll be a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology( O&G) a.k.a. pakar sakit pray for me keyh!

21) Blue is my feveret colour masa budak2 dulu but now i don't have a feveret colour.anything dat i find nice,i'll like it..hehe

22) I miss Malaysian's food especially yg mama masak..sedaapnyaaaaa......

23) I love all my friends.seriously we can live without friends ( ayat asma..sorry copy.haha).so,jagalah kawan2 anda.we need support from them in our life. :)

24) I'm not an up-to-date person coz i kan,korang lah yg kena meng up-to-date kan tell me if there's anything new okeyh! :P

25) oh yeah!!!!!!!!!! FINISH!! gila semput r buat ni.congrates 2 myself.thumbs up!bukan senang nk ckp even juz 25 facts bout myself aw..haha :)


  1. hoooyeahhhh ! tahniah :D:D:D berjaya menyahut cabaran karma saya .

  2. hahahaha..pnat kot weyh..aku xtdoq mlm taw..hahahahaha..len kli jgnh dok bt karma dh naa..

  3. aku nak panggil ko YANA bole?

    wat 25 ek..
    n mcm fakta ko wat hari2 jer...